Project Description

8 folio leaves written in ink (probably in an early 20th century hand-paper watermarked of a German paper company). approx. 41 lines per page detailing the chronological events leading up to the battle of Salamanca. This is most likely from a larger body of work as the pages are numbered 211-218. The work most definitely post dates 1898 as there is references to T. Miller Maguire’s editing of Carvalho’s map “Carte Dressee sous les yeux du General Foy…..”.

Accompanying the text are 10 manuscript maps on 6 pages titled “Positions of Opposing Armies May 1812”; “Sir R. Hill’s Operations 12th-26th May 1812”; “Marmont’s Army on 8th June 1812”; “Operations 19th, June-15th July 1812”; “18th July 1812″; 19th July 1812”; “20th July 1812”; “21 July 1812”; “Battle of Salamanca”. All rendered in a It is a most interesting and detailed piece of work.
Condition: Some edge chipping but on the whole very good. Type: Mansucript written in a fine and detailed hand in black, red, green and blue ink.

Stock No. 1334
Author: Anon
Year: c.1900?

Size: Folio

Price: $325