An early map of Wales by English cartographer Christopher Saxton. Saxton produced the first printed map of England and his maps are highly prized for their accuracy and high quality. His maps “are excellent in every way…..and set a standard and remained the base for succeeding county maps for over a hundred years” (Tooley-“Maps and Map Makers”). This is the scarcer edition sometimes called the “Civil War Issue” having the Royal Arms of Charles I rather than Elizabeth I. Published in Camden’s ‘Britannia’. Booth #6; Skelton #23. Map Condition: Overall lightly toned, some light creases, small hole above “A” in “Sabrinianum”, a light impression but still good Map Type: Copperplate engraving with old hand colouring.

Stock No. 1308
Cartographer: Hole, William/Saxton, Christopher
Year: c.1637

Height (in): 10
Width (in): 13
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