“Old Map of the Continent According To the Greatest Diametrical Length From the Point of East Tartary To the Cape of Good Hope/ A Map of the New Continent According To Its Greatest Diametrical Length From the River La Plata To Beyond the Lake of the Assini”. A curious pair of maps of Africa & Asia as well as the Americas. The first map is actually mistitled as the intention was to read “A Map of the Old Continent” to compliment the map of the “New Continent”. On the second map North and South America is shown on an axis with North America shifted to the right. Gentleman’s Magazine, London. Jolly Gent 121 & 83. Map Condition: Very good. Map Type: Copper engraved maps hand coloured in outline.

Stock No: 1066
Cartographer: Gibson, John.
Year: 1758

Height (in): 8.25
Width (in): 6.75
rice: $275