“Tabula Itineris Decies Mille Graecorum Sub Cyro Contra Fratrem Suum Artaxerxem Regem Persarum. ” Map of the region conquered from Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian empire. The “Retreat of the Ten Thousand” refers to an episode during the Greek Peloponnesian war when a Greek army of 10,000 men were stranded deep in enemy territory in the mountains of Asia Minor. After battling harsh conditions, local warring tribes and starvation, the Greek army made it back largely in tact. The episode was recorded by the Greek author/historian Xenophon and it soon became a classic in ancient literature. Koeman Atlantes Neerlandici 2. Map Condition: Creasing mostly confined to blank margins but a couple in image to Mediterranean Sea and Cappadocia, repaired c/f at head and foot of blank margins and 2 small holes along c/f, area of very light browning to the Black Sea but a very good dark impression. Map Type: Copper engraved map with hand coloured neatline.

Stock No: 1013
Cartographer: Du Val, Pierre.
Year: 1653

Height (in): 16
Width (in): 19
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