Comparative Size of Lakes and Islands



Published in J.W’s Colton’s “Atlas of the World Illustrating Physical and Political Geography Volume II” New York, 1855 [1856].

A scarce and unusual map divided into four areas-Lakes in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere and Islands in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere. Island and lake comparisons on charts were not common as a cartographic depiction. Surrounded by Colton’s decorative border. Philips 816; Rumsey 0149.002

Map Condition: A few chips to margins, generally very good Map Type: Steel engraved map

Stock No: 1442
Cartographer: Colton, G.W.
Year: 1856

Height (in):12-1/2″-31.7 cm.

Width (in): 15-1/2″-39.3 cm.