Schley, Jakob. van/ Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Batavia. Published in Prevost’s “Histoire Generale des Voyages” 1757-1780

A detailed plan of Batavia, (Jakarta), Indonesia. The lettered and numbered legend indicates the principal buildings including churches, market area, warehouses, castle as well as waterways. The Dutch emblematic lion with sword and shield lower right. Batavia was built by the Dutch in 1619 to establish their colonial power as the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

Map Condition: A very good and crisp impression  Map Type: Copperplate engraving

Stock No: 1430
Cartographer: Schley, Jakob. van/ Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
Year: 1757-1780

Height (in):9″22.8 cm.

Width (in): 17-1/4″-43.8 cm.