A New Chart Of The Vast Atlantic Ocean Exhibiting The Seat Of War Both In Europe And America



Bowen, Emanuel. A NEW CHART OF THE VAST ATLANTIC OCEAN EXHIBITING THE SEAT OF WAR BOTH IN EUROPE AND AMERICA Likewise the Trade Winds and Course of Sailing from one Continent to the other; with the Banks, Shoals and Rocks; drawn according to the latest discoveries and regulated by Astronomical Observations. Published in The London Magazine v. 9, London , 1740.

First edition. A detailed map o the Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern seaboard of North and South America along with the Western seaboard extending from Ireland to Guinea on the Gold Coast of Africa. Notes illustrating various colonial holdings such as the Bahamas which were taken from the French and Spaniards in 1703. Remarks of Bowen’s accuracy with this map as he cites updates from various other sources such as Capt. Cyprian Southack’s 1731 map of New England, Edward Moseley’s 1733 map of North Carolina, and James Wimble’s 1739 map of the Carolinas. Jolly LOND-7.

Map Condition: A bit of light overall browning, folds reinforced with brown framer’s tape verso else very good. Map Type: Copperplate engraving. 

Stock No: 1424
Cartographer: Bowen, Emanuel
Year: 1740

Height (in): 12”
Width (in): 16-3/4”