Plan of Stralsund


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“PLAN OF STRALSUND, WITH THE TRENCHES LINES & BATTERIES, THAT THE SWEDES MADE TO DEFEND IT WHEN BESEIGED BY THE DANES & PRUSSIANS IN 1715”. The Great Northern War spanned almost twenty years and pitted Sweden’s Charles XII against a coalition group of Russian, Prussian and Danish troops. The Swedes had dominated possessions in Northern Europe but in 1715 their stronghold in northern Germany at Stralsund fell followed by Wismar. Charles was to be killed three years later which removed the last obstacle to peace in the area.
Published in the Gentleman’s Magazine, 1758. Jolly Gent-120. Map Condition: Small chip to margin, light browning, but overall very good. Map Type: Copper engraved map with later hand colouring.

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Cartographer: Anon.
Year: 1758

Height (in): 7.5
Width (in): 9.75

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