PLAN of the Town of GODERICH UPPER CANADA Founded by the Canada Company 1829.



Published in Joseph Bouchette’s second edition of “The British Dominions in North America” London, Longman, 1832.

An early map of the town of Goderich based on McDonald’s large scale map of the town in 1829. Goderich was founded by John Galt (of Cambridge fame) and William Dunlop (Canada Company) and was named after Frederick John Robinson first Viscount Goderich (priminister of the UK at the time). A large swath of land (The Huron tract) was acquired from the Chippewa First Nation in 1824 and settlement of the area began in 1829. Roads indicated on the map lead to Guelpf (sic). The town has a central octagonal roundabout with streets radiating from the centre. The rest of the town laid out in a grid pattern. A lighthouse was later to be reected in the 1840’s, the first on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. The harbour was an important asset for the town allowing for fishing boats, and cargo boats exporting wheat from the area.. Winearls “Mapping of Upper Canada” 1774, p. 308

Map Condition: Very good  Map Type: Copperplate engraved map with hand colouring

Stock No: 1445
Cartographer: Walker, J & C. /Cattlin, F
Year: 1832

Height (in): 7-1/2″-19 cm.

Width (in): 8″-20.3 cm.