Polynesia or Islands in the Pacific Ocean



Published in “Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge” London, 1844.

A highly detailed map of both larger and lesser known island groups in the Pacific Ocean including the Mariana Islands, Pelew, the Marshall Islands, Gilbert Island, Otdia , Galapagos, Marquesas Islands, Sandwich (Hawaiian Islands), Tonga, Fiji, Santa Cruz, Vanikoro, Admiralty Islands, New Ireland, New Britain, Salomon, Norfolk, Otaheite (Tahiti), Cook Islands, Pitcairn, Juan Fernandez and the Low Archipelago. Historical notations of European “discoveries”. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge was established in 1826 as a mean of disseminating highly accurate but affordable maps to the general public.

Map Condition: Small area of paper abrasion to upper right area near Sandwich islands else generally v. good. Map Type: Steel engraved map hand coloured in outline

Stock No: 1437
Cartographer: [S.D.U.K.] Walker, J & C.
Year: 1844

Height (in): 12-1/2″ -31.75

Width (in): 15-1/2″39.3 cm.