Extima Scotiae Septentrionalis Ora…


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Extima Scotiae Septentrionalis Ora, Ubi Provinciae Sunt Rossia, Sutherlandia, Cathenesia, Strath-Naverniae, Cum Vicinis Regiunculis ….”

Published in Joan Blaeu’s “Nuevo Atlas del Reyno de Ingalaterra…” (Spanish edition of “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive Atlas Novus”)  “Amsterdam, c. 1649. Map of Northern Scotland by cartographer Robert Gordon, based on Timothy Pont’s earlier maps. This map is from the first printed atlas of Scotland, published in Blaeu’s rare Spanish edition Shows Loch Ness and Inverness in the south to Wick in the north East. Wonderful details and lovely calligraphy. Spanish text verso. Skelton. County Atlases of the British Isles. p. 112 #64

Map Condition: Light creases to corners, centrefold re-inforced verso, lightly toned but on the whole very good with nice wide margins. Map Type: Copper engraved map with old hand colouring

Stock No: 1421
Cartographer: [Gordon, Robert]. Blaeu, Willem
Year: c. 1649

Height (in): 16
Width (in): 20

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[Gordon, Robert]. Blaeu, Willem